Course Description

This course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in Windows PowerShell. We will start with the basics of PowerShell 5.1 and end with you writing your own powerful automation scripts.

What are the course prerequisites?

  • No Powershell programming knowledge is required - you'll learn it from scratch!

  • You also need No programming experience

What you will learn

  • The basics of Windows PowerShell

  • Windows PowerShell system requirements

  • Installing and Updating Windows PowerShell

  • How to use the CLI (Command Line Interface)

  • How to use the ISE (Intelligent Scripting Environment)

  • How to get help and find commands within the CLI

  • Getting Started with Windows PowerShell

  • Getting Help and Finding Commands

  • The Language of PowerShell - Command Syntax, Objects and Properties, and the Pipeline

  • Setup your own PowerShell On-Premises IT Lab

  • Basic Active Directory Domain Administration with Windows Powershell

  • An introduction to Desired State Configuration made simple!

  • And MUCH more!

Once we have covered this foundation, we will move on to writing PowerShell scripts. We will start with simple tasks before moving on to more advanced and complicated script writing.

Final Project

This is the period to connect everything you have learned in this course together and build a real-world application out of this course. This will be your complete Powershell script written by yourself that you can share with potential employers.

Therefore, you will do this yourself or in a group of two students acting as a team, but your instructor will be there to guide you throughout your chosen project. It's really going to be fun seeing your ideal coming to reality. In the case of students with no project ideal, your instructor will show you the list of projects that you can choose from. There will be a presentation of each project at the end of this module.

Key skills: Powershell Developer Skills.

Earn a Powershell Development Certification

Upon completing Maxybyte's Powershell Development Course, you will receive an industry-recognized, professional Powershell Development Certification to share with your network and showcase all that you have learned. Maxybyte certificates are formatted for sharing on LinkedIn and can be verified online. 

Who is this course for

  • Beginner software development students who have no or only little Powershell experience
  • Everyone interested in learning Powershell and all about how it works

Who are your Instructors?

Maxybyte Instructors are experienced software engineers who work at the world's most innovative companies. They are experts with years of teaching and work experience ready to make your learning easy by teaching you the most up-to-date and practical skills companies around the world need, they are friendly and ready to support you on your journey of getting a good job in IT.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can ask for a refund any time during the first 30 days if you decide the course isn’t for you